(Director & Short Hair Specialist) 

Natasha has been Styling hair since 1999 and is very passionate about creating the right style for every client. Much care is take in finding out what the client really wants, how much time they have to spend doing their own hair and if the style will suit them. Natasha feels that it is important to explain why certain things need to be done to the clients hair. “there is nothing worse than hearing i can never style my hair the same as the hairdresser, my philosophy is that my clients can style their has just as good as the way i did it. I take the time to teach them, how to use the product, how to get the right shape etc. I want my clients to look and feel good all the time! not just when they walk out the salon!

If you have short hair and would like to book an appointment with Natasha please call the salon on 02 8385 6831



(Senior Stylist)

Tin is a London trained stylist who is passionate about haircutting, Tin believes that consulting the clients needs and studying their features to design a cut tailored for daily maintenance is paramount. On a personal level enjoys video gaming/comic books culture. Loves a discussion in mysticism and all sorts of mojos. A nature-loving vegan who likes to hang out with friends playing badminton.

If you would like to book a haircut with Tin please call the salon on 02 8385 6831